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(FSS) brings in experts to share their knowledge and skills with our caregivers and to provide information or referrals to other services they may need.

Key services under Family Support Services:

1.       Parent Mentorship Programme to guide and journey with other fellow caregivers or new parents

2.       Resource Library comprising of books and educational toys for members to loan

3.       Educational / life planning session design to facilitate discussions on different educational pathways for children

4.       Information on planning for adults with Down syndrome

5.       Knowledge-/skills-based talks and workshops related to:

·         Healthcare and well being

·         Personal skills development / growth

·         Legal  and financial education

·         Early intervention related workshops

·         Family Enrichment and Bonding activities

6.       Assistance and guidance to new parents or expectant caregiver

7.       Outreach Programmes such as our Ukulele programme for caregivers


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