To be the Centre of Excellence for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.



  • Develop individuals with Down syndrome through life long learning and social integration.
  • Support families through specialist services, information and education.
  • Advocate for equal opportunities, quality of life and their contribution to society



Early in 1995, a group of parents of children with Down syndrome recognised that a great need existed in Singapore to support and educate families, professionals and the public about Down syndrome. Out of a meeting held on 1 October 1995, the Down syndrome Support Group was formed. In May 1996, the group organised and hosted, with great success, the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Down syndrome. The enthusiasm generated amongst parents, professionals and community members spurred the formal registration of the group as Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) on 16 September 1996. The Association was registered as a Charity under the Charities Act on 17 January 1997 (no. 1229) and awarded official recognition by the National Council of Social Services on 4 July 1997.

DSA(S) is a primarily self-funding, non-profit voluntary welfare organisation with IPC (Institute of Public Character) status, which works closely and regularly with healthcare and educational professionals, and voluntary welfare organisations. The Association is affiliated to international bodies such as Down Syndrome International (DSI), the Asia-Pacific Down Syndrome Federation (APDSF), Asian Federation of Mental Retardation (AFMR) and the International Association of the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID).  In April 2004, DSA(S) was invited to organise and host the 8th World Down Syndrome Congress in Singapore, which attracted participants from more than 34 countries.

Our goals and aspirations

We acknowledge and respect the right of all persons with Down syndrome to receive an adequate response to their needs. We are thus committed in our aims to provide support, enable a person with Down syndrome to attain his or her full potential, help a person with Down syndrome to lead a “normal” life and thus be able to contribute to society, as well as educate the public on Down Syndrome.



Officially launched on 23 March 1997, our logo is in the form of a flying kite incorporating the initials of the Association where:
D signifies infancy and childhood (hence lower case D)
S forms the tail or 'rudder', for steering and stabilising
A (in the form on an arrow head) signifies dynamism and growth

The flying motion of the kite depicts the objectives of the Association and the hopes, aspirations and abilities of a person with Down syndrome - not to stagnate but to be able to soar to greater heights and be visible.

This will thus create public awareness of Down syndrome and, hopefully, society (synonymous with a strong continuous gust of wind) will accept, include and steer them in the right direction. The turquoise color projects a friendly and approachable image to families, service providers and professionals.



Patron: Mr. Tan Soo Khoon
Advisors: Assoc. Prof. S. Vasoo
  Dr. Balbir  Singh
Specialist Advisors: Dr. Bhavani  Sriram—Medical Advisor
  Ms. Christine Sekhon—Legal Advisor


Board of Management 2016/18

Chairperson: Mr Ratnasabapathy Sivanandam
Deputy Chairperson: Ms Li Shu Yun
Honorary Secretary: Ms Monica Kan
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Alex Yan
Member: Mr Gerard Lim
Member:  Mr Arjun Chandrasekhar
Member:  Mr Gopalan Nair
Member:  Ms Naveed Kamil Hasan
Member: Mr Chan Wing Git
Member: Ms Tan Peck Joo
Immediate Past Chairman: Mr Roderick Tan Tiong Own



A team of twenty eight full-time dedicated professionals and support staff work cohesively together and are dedicated in providing the best services to our clients with Down syndrome and their families. Kindly refer to our organisation chart for details.